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About Stair Lift Links

What is Stair Lift Links?

Stair Lift Links is a website that provides links to stair lift websites. Each site is listed in an appropriate category with a short description of what the website contains.

We also have articles and news stories about stair lifts.


What sort of sites are listed here?

There are sites from manufacturers, dealers, installers and advice guides. Feel free to take your time browsing the site.


Do you sell stair lifts?

Stair Lift Links does not sell stair lifts. Nor does it recommend any specific products. It is a resource for people to find stair lift websites, from where they can make their own decisions about products featured. The site is independent and is not connected with any of the stair lift businesses listed.


Other points:

Information given in link descriptions is sourced from the relevant websites and is accurate at time of writing. Where locations of businesses are given these are as stated at time of writing on the appropriate website. If you know of any information that needs updating feel free to get in touch.


I've got a stair lift related website - how do I get it listed here?

Visit the submit a link page and send an email with details.




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