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Cheap stairlifts

Is there such a thing as a cheap stairlift? Stairlift prices can seem quite daunting. Many companies offer discount or cheap stairlifts in a variety of forms. These include self installation stairlifts, online sales, rental and reconditioned stairlifts. You can even buy stairlifts on auction sites such as eBay.

But what's the best cheap stair lift option? And what do you need to consider before going ahead with a purchase?


Self installation stairlifts

Some stair lifts are sold for self installation. You could do this yourself or pay for someone local to install the stair lift. This can save money and bring the stairlift cost down. However, do you have the strength and the skills to fit your stairlift? Are you sure you will be able to attach it to your stairs safely? A trained stair lift installation engineer may charge a fee, but may offer a more professional service that you feel confident with in the long run.


Online stairlift sales

You can buy a discounted stairlift from many online retailers. They will deliver it to your door, with many offering installation as an extra or included in the price. Such stair lift retailers can offer savings because they don't have the overheads that a mobility supplies store will have such as rent. However, consumers need to be sure that the stairlift they order is the right model for them. Is it the right size for their stairs? Will it carry enough weight? What happens if it breaks down?


Stairlift rental

If you are looking for a stairlift for a specific period of time then stairlift rental can be an option. You can spread the cost of the stairlift over monthly payments, rather than commit to a big one-off charge. Many companies offer stairlift rental for periods as short as a single day, for example if a relative or friend visits who needs help getting up and down stairs. Other deals are available on a weekly, monthly or longer basis. Stairlift sales companies should include the cost of installation and removal in any rental agreement.


Reconditioned stairlifts

Many reconditioned stairlifts are sold. Companies often have a stairlift buyback arrangement where they offer to buy stair lifts from customers who have no use for them any more. These are reconditioned and can be sold on to another user. Reputable stair lift firms should overhaul major mechanical components and offer a guarantee when selling a reconditioned lift.


Used stairlifts

If you are really brave, you can look into buying a stairlift second hand direct from someone else. A look on websites such as eBay and even local newspapers can reveal stairlifts for sale. This might involve you having to dismantle and remove the stairlift for the vendor and then install it in your own property. Before installing any stair lift you should make sure that it is complete. Some lifts suffer damage or essential parts can stop working. Safety cut-outs should be in full working order. Some stair lift manufacturers publish manuals online and it is worth getting hold of a copy of the installation and service manual. If you are not sure you are capable of installing and maintaining the stair lift safely then you should not attempt to do so.