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Curved stair lift

If you have a spiral staircase, a curved stairway or straight stairs with a landing in between sections then you may require a curved stair lift.

Many manufacturers can provide curved stair lifts.

Installers will fit a curved stair lift rail to the stairs to allow the stairlift to continue its journey around corners or along the whole length of a spiral staircase.

Offset swivel seats can be fitted to help make it easier for the user to get in and out of the stair lift at the beginning and end of the ride.

Curved stair lifts do cost significantly more than straight rail stair lifts, however.

In some instances, such as where there are two or more sets of straight stairs with one or more landings between them, it may be more cost effective to install straight stair lifts for each section of straight stairs - and then let the user transfer between them on the landing area before continuing the journey.

The higher cost of a curved stair lift is in many cases put down to the extra time and expense involved in installation.

Whereas straight stairs are uniform from stairway to stairway, curved stairs are often custom-made - each with their own measurements.

This means that when installing a curved stair lift, the manufacturer and fitter have to spend much more time fabricating and then attaching the curved stair lift rail to the stairs.

And curved stair lifts may not keep a resale value in the way that straight stairlifts can. Many companies will buy used stair lifts, refurbish them and sell them on again - but they are more reluctant to do this with curved stair lifts.