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DIY stair lift

Stair lifts cost a significant amount of money. There is the price of the device itself. And you are also faced with the cost of stair lift installation - although many suppliers will offer an inclusive fee to sell and install your stair lift.

For some people this makes the idea of DIY installation tempting.

Some suppliers will sell new stair lifts for home installation. But you have to consider carefully the implications of fitting a stair lift yourself.

Do you have the skills? Even if the retailer quotes a short work time and simple installation task, many people when they are faced with any kind of DIY project will break into a sweat.

If you mess something up with fitting the stair lift you may then need to pay another fee for a professional installer to fit the device.

It's worth looking at all the factors involved and speaking to people who have installed lifts to see if you are confident in carrying out such a job.

A way of saving more money is to buy a used stairlift direct from a previous owner and install it yourself. This is likely to involve more work than buying a new DIY installation stair lift. That's because you may have to remove the lift from the previous house, recondition any old parts and then fit it to your stairs. Some stair lifts have to be bespoke made - such as curved stair lifts - so buying used and fitting yourself may not be possible.

For real DIY enthusiasts, there is the ultimate stage - of constructing the whole stair lift yourself and installing it. This would involve fabricating the stair lift rail and then designing and building the stair lift unit. You would need a strong working knowledge of electrical wiring and safety. And you would have to fit motors and gearing. Not many people would even consider this.