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Garage stair lift

Can you fit a stair lift into a garage?

The answer is in some cases, yes. A stair lift from a basement or lower-level garage can help people gain easier access to their home.

A stair lift manufacturer or installation company will be able to advise you on the cost and practical considerations.

Where stairs run from a garage up and in to a home it should be possible to install a stair lift.

Garage stair lifts will be like any other stair lift - in that they can be fitted to straight or curved stairs.

If the garage or stairs are in any way exposed to open elements such as wind, rain or extremes of temperature such as cold or heat then it may be appropriate for an outdoor stair lift to be fitted.

Security may be an issue - perhaps there is a dividing or lockable door between the garage and any stairs.

In such cases the stair lift can run to the area behind the door but would require there to be sufficient space for the stair lift occupant to dismount and for the stair lift to rest in position while allowing the door enough space to open.