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This section features a range of links to stair lift trade associations, online directories, suppliers of other lift and mobility products - and even stair lift humour websites

Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association This site is for an organisation of manufacturers and suppliers of a range of accessibility products. These include companies that make stair lifts, platform lifts and residential elevators. A news section has details of legislative and technical issues. There are details of benefits to manufacturer and associate members if they join. These include regular updates on current safety and statutory legislation issues.

Adaptive Engineering This company manufacturers portable wheelchair lifts for buildings, boats and trains. The site profiles the Mobilift CX, a portable wheelchair lift that offers access to stages and elevated platforms. Trains can be made accessible to wheelchair users with the Mobilift TX. And the Mobilift VX gives wheelchair users access to boats. The firm also provides the Mobilift AX, an aircraft wheelchair lift. Other products featured on the site include aircraft passenger boarding ramps and stairs.

Aquatic Access This firm supplies a range of lifts to help people get in and out of pools. The products are divided into sections for above-ground and in-ground lifts. Custom made lifts are also available and applications are listed that include cruise ships and custom showers. Details of prices and specifications are given. And there is a section with customer tesitmonials. Location: Louisville, KY

BHTA - British Healthcare Trades Association Trade association for businesses that make or sell healthcare and assitive technology products designed to help with independent living. Members are grouped in to a number of different sectors - of which stairlifts and access is one. Others include first aid medical equipment, mobility - and independent living products. Site has details of the association's code of practice and a find-a-member search facility. There are sections set aside for the general public, healthcare professionals and also trade enquiries on how to join.

European Platform and Stairlift Association Site promotes the work and aims of a Europe-wide collection of stair lift companies. These include the objective of ensuring that products supplied are of a high quality. Member companies have their details and the types of products they manufacture. There are links to other sites with issues of European significance listed. Details of the technical objectives of the organisation are also given.

Lift and Escalator Industry Association This site is for the trade association and advisory body for the lift and escalator industry. There are various sections dealing with separate types of lifts, including stair lifts. Other sections cover education and training within the industry. The association's code of practice is available for download. A publications section has a list of books avaiable from the association. Location: London

Stair Lift Advice This site is split in to sections with tips on how people can begin their search for a stair lift. They begin with "ten key steps to buying stairlifts". Other sections include advice on choosing a manufacturer, self-install options and looking locally for the stair lift.

Stairlift Cartoons This is a page of stair lift cartoons from the larger CartoonStock website. There is a selection of stair lift related humourous cartoons. Antics feature senior citizens and other characters in various situations. Featured cartoons can be downloaded for purchase from the website. Elsewhere on the site are images related to other topics.

Stairlift Guru Site offers advice on choosing and buying a stair lift. Includes articles on costs, buying and stair lift grants - with profiles of some of the leading manufacturers in the UK. Has options to get a quote on a new stair lift.

Stairlift Suppliers UK Site is a UK guide to stair lift suppliers. There is an online form which the site can use to put potential buyers in touch with suppliers. Advice on whether to choose a new, reconditioned or rental stair lift is offered. There is information about how to choose between buying from an independent supplier or direct from the manufacturer. And the site also includes background information about stair lifts and their safety.




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