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Outdoor stair lift

Do you have stairs outside your home where a stair lift would help?

They could be in your garden, alongside an exterior wall, or from your driveway up to the house - if it is built high up from the ground.

Stair lift companies can fit specially manufactured outdoor stair lifts that will cope with extremes of temperature and weather.

Like indoor stair lifts, a model that is used outdoors can be fitted to curved or straight stairs.

The device will require wiring to a standard that complies with safety requirements for electrical wiring.

Outdoor stair lifts are constructed so that they can cope with being left out in extremes of cold or hot weather. Many are supplied with covers that should be placed over the stair lift when it is not in use.

Upholstery for an outdoor stair lift is usually in more durable fabrics than those supplied for indoor items. Marine quality vinyl is used for seating by some manufacturers.

Metal surfaces are painted with exterior paint to protect the device from moisture and rust. Other features mirror those supplied for indoor stair lifts - such as swivel seats, easy-to-use controls and capacity to carry people of different weight levels.