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Perch stair lifts

A stair lift is a great way to travel between floors if you have any kind of trouble climbing or descending stairs.

But some people find it difficult to sit down or get up from a stair lift seat.

And in other cases a stair lift presents problems to install where stairs are particularly narrow.

A perch stair lift could be the answer.

As its name suggests, the user stands - or perches - on the stair lift, as opposed to sitting down.

If you have problems with joints such as knees or hips then a perch stair lift could be more suitable than a seated stair lift.

Many stairlift manufacturers offer perch devices. Features include a footstep to stand on, a reduced width seat to rest on while perching, a safety belt to keep the rider secure while moving - and handle bars to hold on to.

The perch stair lift will also have a back rest to support the user.

Narrow stairways may not be suitable for the installation of a traditional seated stair lift - so in these situations an installer may recommend fitting a perch stair lift.