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Reconditioned stair lift

Buying a reconditioned stair lift is one way to purchase a stair lift for a more affordable price than a new device.

Many companies buy-back stair lifts from previous owners.

They then give them a full service, recondition important parts such as the motor, and sell them to new purchasers.

When buying a reconditioned stair lift it is worth asking your supplier how long a warranty they will offer. Does this include parts and labour?

It is also an idea to compare prices between suppliers - and to look closely at the equipment they are offering.

Is the stair lift you are being offered one that is still up to date with latest developments or would you be happier paying a bit more for a new example?

Most reconditioned stair lifts are for straight stairs.

Curved stair lifts - although they cost more than straight stair lifts when new - are more difficult to transfer between properties.

That's because they are usually bespoke-made to go round different sized corners.

So, if you require a curved stair lift it is most likely that you will have to commission a brand new item to be fitted to your home.