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Stair lift accidents

Stair lifts are meant to help people with mobility difficulties get up and down stairs.

But if they are not used correctly they can be involved in accidents.

Stair lifts may be appealing to children who want to ride on them as a form of play. But no-one should use a stair lift without understanding how it operates. Children should not be allowed to play on stair lifts.

Stair lifts should have obstruction contactor trips installed. In the event of someone becoming trapped under or against the lift these are designed to stop the lift from moving and allow the person or object to be freed. If you have a used stair lift installed you should be particularly careful to make sure that your stair lift obstruction contactor trips are still working.

In the worst accidents children have been killed after falling from stair lifts and a British coroner has said that no children should be allowed to play on them.

Stair lifts should be kept in good condition. Other accidents have been caused when faulty parts have broken, pitching the occupant down stairs.

The warnings are clear - never let children play on or near stair lifts and always make sure the stair lift you use is in good working order. If you have any doubts about the safety of your stair lift do not use it and call a qualified engineer to repair it as soon as possible.