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Alabama stair lift companies offer a range of lifts, stairlift installation and maintenance services.

High Tech Mobility is a firm located in Hueytown, Alabama. The company supplies stair lifts made by established manufacturers Bruno and Acorn. Curved and straight stair lifts are available for a variety of stair layouts. The business also offers a range of other home mobility aids. These include platform lifts and ramps to help people continue living in their homes. Customers can also select from a range of wheelchairs and scooters that are available. The company offers sales, service and rental of mobility aids, including stair lifts.

Elrod Mobility sells stair lifts from the range manufactured by Sterling, to people in Alabama. Potential customers can request a brochure from which to select a stair lift suitable for their home. Stair lifts can be supplied according to the wishes and needs of customers, depending on their individual moblity requirements. Elrod Mobility also sells three and four wheeled mobility scooters from its base in Homewood, Alabama. And the firm sells a range of lift chairs for people to use.

High Tech Mobility. Location: Hueytown, AL.

Elrod Moblity. Location: Homewood, AL.