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Stair lifts and other home mobility aids are offered by a range of businesses to people in Arizona

Stairbuddy has a range of stair lifts, and dumbwaiters on offer from its headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. Stair lifts can be chosen from the Acorn range and buyers have the choice of new and used stairlifts to install. Wireless remote control is included to help move and call for the stair lift. A range of options includes stair lifts that can be fitted to stairs of different shapes - such as L or U shaped stairs. And buyers who need a stair lift outdoors can order units for fitting on concrete steps.

AmeriGlide Phoenix is a supplier of the AmeriGlide range of stair lifts to people who live in and around Phoenix, AZ. Stair lifts are supplied in a variety of specifications for different situations and uses. These include lifts with battery power and self-installation options. Warranties are supplied that cover component parts and drive trains. Used stair lifts are available - these are bought back from previous customers and then inspected by AmeriGlide Phoenix before being offered for resale. Other mobility aids available include dumbwaiters, scooters, vehicle lifts and bath lifts.

Serene Mobility Products is a business that offers a wide range of mobility items, including stair lifts, to customers in the Phoenix area. Stair lifts for straight or curved stairs are available and these include models from the Handicare range of lifts. Other models can be chosen from Acorn and Harmar Mobility. Customers can also select from a range of other products such as ramps, shower aids, chair lifts, kneewalkers, scooters and wheelchairs.


Stairbuddy - Location: Scottsdale, AZ.

AmeriGlide Phoenix - Location, Mesa, AZ.

Serene Mobility Products - Location, Phoenix, AZ.