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Looking for a stair lift in Arkansas? A local supplier may be worth looking at.

Accessibility Specialties is a specialist business that offers a very wide range of vehicle aids for people who find it difficult to move around easily. And the company also offers a variety of mobility aids - including stair lifts and elevators.

Models of stair lift that can be purchased include those from the Bruno range of Electra-Ride indoor and outdoor stair lifts. These are availabe for straight and curved rail stairs. Customers for whom a stair lift is not suitable can look at other lifts - such as incline lifts capable of carrying someone sitting in a wheelchair, vertical platform lifts and home elevators.

Accessibility Specialties is located in Little Rock, AR. Other products can be supplied and these include automatic door openers, ceiling lifts and wheelchairs.


Accessibility Specialties - Location: Little Rock, AR.