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Stair lift battery

Many stair lifts use battery power.

Batteries are used in some devices as a back-up power source when mains power shuts off.

If there is a power cut that shuts off mains electricity then the battery will help keep the stair lift working.

And battery powered stair lifts are claimed to offer a smooth ride quality.

Other stair lifts use battery power as their single source of energy.

AC mains powered stair lifts were once the dominant type of stair lift in the market.

In recent years there has been a switch to DC power.

A battery stair lift can make more than 20 runs up and down stairs before it needs to be recharged.

Some battery stair lifts have a charger strip at the either end of the rail - so when the stair lift reaches the end of the rail the battery will be charged.

In the UK most stair lift batteries are 12V 7ah rechargeable batteries with an estimated life of two to three years.

Installation companies recommend that batteries are only replaced by qualified engineers - as carrying out the operation incorrectly can affect the safety and running of the machine.