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Stair lift brands

Numerous stair lift brands are on sale, made by a range of manufacturers.

Different brands are supplied for various uses and targeted at specific segments of the stair lift market.

Deciding which type of stair lift you want to buy may well be influenced by a number of factors.

You may want to purchase from a dealer or manufacturer that is local to you. Or you may want to buy a brand that is long established and has a wide range of suppliers, history of operation and a number of experienced people capable of maintaining and servicing the stair lift for you.

The USA and UK contain the largest number of stair lift brands and manufacturers.

In the United States some of the biggest names include Marshall Elevator, the world's oldest elevator company, which also offers stair lifts.

In Britain, famous names include Acorn and Stannah.

All the major stair lift companies have websites and a wide dealer network capable of supplying, fitting and maintaining their lifts.