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A search for a stair lift in California can take in a number of specialist companies in the state.

SoCal StairLift supplies stair lifts to customers in southern California. The outfit has a range of products on offer from a selection of stair lift manufacturers. Stair lifts can be fitted in or out of doors to both straight and curved stairs.

Look Stairchairs is a business that sells stair lifts in southern California across an area from Santa Barbara to Laguna Beach. The firm supplies lifts from a number of manufacturers and these include Meditek and Sterling. Stair lifts can be fitted to mobile homes, the company states, thus eliminating the need for ramps - which can often take up a lot more space. Stair lift models are available for inside and outside houses and for straight and curved stairs.

Gamburd offers a wide range of accessiblity products - among them stair lifts. These are supplied for use indoors and outdoors - for both curved and straight stairs. Portable stair lifts are available for use with wheelchairs by attaching to the underneath of the wheelchair. Traditional stair-mounted stair lifts can be supplied to accept passengers of up to 400lb weight.


SoCal StairLift - Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Look Stairchairs -

Gamburd - Location: Pacoima, CA.