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Stair lift for churches

Thinking of installing a stair lift in your church? There are a number of different options and factors to consider.

Many churches feature designs that make it difficult for some people to access them.

It may be that the church has outside steps going up to the entrance.

Or it could be that once people step inside the church, the design demands that people climb a flight of stairs to enter the body of the building.

Is a stair lift the solution?

In some cases there will be enough space to fit a ramp that allows access for wheelchair users and people with problems walking up steps.

However, other situations might render that impossible and in those cases a stair lift could be the answer.

Stair lift installers will be able to advise you on what will be involved - such as the type of stairlift, its carrying capacity and whether it can be fitted in such a way that still allows access to the church for other visitors.

Depending on where the church is, you may have to have such an installation approved by local authorities or planning controllers.

In older churches there may be issues with the effect that a stair lift could have its character.

Stair lifts can be mounted on different types of church stairway - such as wooden or concrete steps. If there is a flat or sloped area between sets of church steps the stair lift rail can be run across these so that the rider does not have to dismount.

Churches should also consider insurance and liability issues when installing any stair lift equipment so it is worth seeking advice on these subjects.