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Several companies serve Colorado people with stair lifts for sale and installation.

Freedom Lifts is a specialist supplier of wheelchair lifts, stair lifts and other in-home mobility products. The company offers stair lifts from the Sterling range. Options include a folding rail that allows stair lifts to be installed in tricky areas such as where the foot of a set of stairs meets a hallway or door. Purchasers can choose stair lift fabrics that fit-in with the color scheme of their own home. Stair lifts can be supplied for straight or curved stairs. Other products available include wheelchair lifts such as inclined or vertical platform lifts. Freedom Lifts supplies an area that includes the whole of Colorado and also southern and central Wyoming.

Stair Lift Rental can sell or hire out stair lifts to people in Denver and other parts of Colorado. A range of different stair lifts is available, with specifications that can be set according to the needs of the stair lift user. These include options such as flip-up seats, smooth start and stop technology, wireless controls and warranties on parts.

Ascent Elevators offers sales, installation and servicing on a range of stair lifts for domestic use. New and reconditioned stair lifts are on offer. New stair lifts are supplied from a range of manufacturers. Reconditioned stair lifts are installed with a warranty and a technical care package. Stair lifts are also available for long and short term hire. Residential elevators are also available from the company, as are platform lifts.


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Stair Lift Rental - Location: Denver, CO.

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