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Making a complaint about a stair lift can be difficult and distressing.

Most companies should deal with complaints in a professional and speedy manner.

Breakdowns and servicing problems should be dealt with on a routine basis by warranty and annual maintenance schemes. Other complaints can cover pressure selling of stair lifts and cost of warranties when compared with insurance based warranty agreements provided by third-party insurers.

It can pay to find out what a company's stair lift complaint procedure is before you have one installed. Do they have a policy? Are they happy to let you know of its terms? Will they deal with any complaints in a short period of time?

In the United Kingdom the British Healthcare Trades Association is an organisation made from more than 400 companies involved in the supply of mobility aids, including stair lifts.

Its website states: "One of our most important roles is to maintain the highest standards.

"Every BHTA member company has signed up to a special Code of Practice. It's not just a piece of paper. It has been granted full Office of Fair Trading approval under the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS)."

BHTA members agree to bide by a code that binds them to certain standards. These include not carrying out any pressure selling, offering an independent redress scheme if something goes wrong and terminating membership for members that break the code.

Further details are on the BHTA website at