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Connecticut is served by a number of business that supply stair lifts and related living products.

Freedom Lifts of Danielson, CT, offers stair lifts, elevators and wheelchair lifts for sales and installation to an area that includes Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Customers are able to choose from a range of stair lifts with options that include choice of seat size, power swivel seats and different colors. Stair lifts are available for domestic use both in and outdoors.

The company also supplies dumbwaiters. And people can also buy residential elevators.

Hudson Accessibility Solutions offers a range of new and used stair lifts to buyers in Connecticut. Stair lifts are also avaiable for rental. People can choose from lifts suitable for indoors, outdoors, curved and straight stairs.

Refurbished stair lifts are also sold.

And the company can also supply freight or cargo stair lifts. These help lift big items such as packages up stairs without placing unnecessary strain on workers in places such as warehouses, restaurants or other areas where people have to lift heavy items between floors.


Freedom Lifts - Location: Danielson, CT.

Hudson Accessibility Solutions - Location: Pomfret Center, CT.