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Stair lift cost

The cost of a stair lift is determined by a number of factors.

These can include the stair lift brand chosen, the length of the stair lift and whether it is straight or curved.

Stair lift cost can also be influenced by the type of installation and purchase arrangements you choose.

You can pay for a stair lift to be bought and installed or if you want to spread the cost you might consider rental.

Reconditioned stair lifts will be lower in price than a new example but you will need to consider any warranty arrangements that are included.

Independent advice on stair lifts is sometimes available from charities that help with mobility and disability issues. Local authorities may also be able to advise you and in some cases grants are available from them to help you have a stair lift put into your home.

Another factor to consider with the cost of a stair lift is any servicing and annual maintenance fees.