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People in Delaware can look for stair lifts from a selection of providers.

Eastcoast Stairlifts serves a number of east coast states, including Delaware. A range of stair lift models from leading manufacturers is supplied. These include devices from names such as Acorn, Sterling and Savaria. Lifts can be supplied for curved and straight stairs. When stairs have a landing in between the company can fit two straight stairs - which, if the user is mobile enough to transfer between stair lifts - can save on installation costs. Manufacturer warranties are supplied but customers can also pay for an extended warranty directly from Eastcoast Stairlifts themselves.

Independent Home Solutions supplies stair lifts to people living in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The firm offers stair lifts from the Bruno range. Customers can choose new models from the Electra-Ride range. Used examples are also sold and stair lifts are also available for rental. The company advises that if people need a stair lift for less than a year that renting can be the most cost effective option. People with curved stairs can ask for a quote for a custom-built stair lift.

Maryland Mobility Lifts offers a range of stair lifts to buyers in Delaware. The company supplies stair lifts from the Acorn range. Features include back-up battery power supply that takes over in the event of a power cut, swivel locks and motion sensors. Accessories include a sit and stand frame - that allows users to choose whether to sit or stand when using the stair lift. And hinged rails can fold up at the lower end of the rail section - to allow access or prevent obstruction to a doorway at the foot of ta flight of stairs. The company also supplies vertical lifts, vehicle lifts and ramps.


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