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Stair lift discount

We all like to get money off our purchases. So is there room in the marketplace to get a good stair lift discount?

Many stair lift installation companies quote fixed prices for their products.

But others have built-in margins that they allocate for marketing or sales rewards for their staff.

These offer wiggle room for you negotiate on the price of a stair lift.

It can be worthwhile to ask a stair lift company if the price they quote is their best price.

Many will be happy to offer a discount if it means securing the contract to install your stair lift.

Others may not move on the direct cost - but you may be able to get them to offer a higher specification for the same price, or an extended warranty or service level.

It's always worth remembering that stair lift companies are competing for your business.

Many will be prepared to offer a better deal in order to gain your custom.