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Stair lift finance

How can you pay for your stair lift?

Are you entitled to any help with payment?

Can you get a loan to pay for a stair lift? Would that even be a good idea?

For many people, the cost of stair lift finance is a major issue.

A number of different options and choices may exist.

Help with finance can come from various sources. Some local authorities will install stair lifts in to the homes of the disabled or elderly in the UK. The alternative may be to re-house the person who needs the stair lift - which for local authorities short of appropriate housing may be a far more costly option. Putting a stair lift in someone's existing home could be the more cost effective decision. Mobility charities may sometimes be able to point people in the direction of state or local authority help and some charities can advise or help with stair lift decisions.

Payment plans or stair lift finance may be available from the stair lift company you buy the device from. If you are considering a loan to pay for a stair lift it may well be worth looking at a number of providers - including specialist loan firms or banks, who may offer a better rate than the installation company.

Rental is a way that some people use to budget their stair lift finances. Most stair lift companies will ask for an initial lump sum fee to install the stair lift, followed by monthly payments. Rental may be worth considering if the stair lift is only required for a limited period of time.

Used stair lifts can be purchased for a lower cost than new stair lifts. Suppliers often supply reconditioned or pre-owned units to the public alongside sales of new items. In such cases the cost is cheaper - but warranties may be shorter and you may incur higher costs if the unit breaks down so you have to weigh up the balance between these facotrs.