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Stair lift for pets

Do you need a stair lift for your pet?

It may seem a strange issue but some people have difficulty moving their pet from floor to floor.

Perhaps you own a dog or cat that has an amputated leg, injured hips or knees. Or the animal may have another disability that makes climbing stairs impossible. Could a stair lift be the answer?

Putting a dog or other animal on to a stair lift involves placing the creature on a device that was not intended to be used in such a way. All the features and controls on a domestic stair lift are designed for a human passenger.

If an animal fell or jumped from a moving stair lift it could cause more problems - and possible injuries - than envisaged.

That said, many people do have pets that are too heavy for them to carry from floor to floor.

Some people may be inspired to think of installing a larger platform lift that could move the animal up or down stairs.

Or they may want to adapt an existing stair lift - perhaps by fitting a cage or pet-adapted seat.

But whether a manufacturer or installation company would consider it an appropriate use is another matter.

In addition, using a stair lift for your pet may well invalidate the stair lift warranty.