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Stair lift for spiral staircase

Are you looking for a stair lift to fit to your spiral staircase?

Many stair lift manufacturers and suppliers offer spiral staircase stair lifts.

There are some differences in specification and cost when compared to a stair lift on a set of straight stairs.

But in nearly all circumstances it will be possible to have a stair lift fitted to spiral stairs.

As with any curved stair lift, a stair lift for spiral stairs needs to travel along a curved rail that is fabricated specifically for the set of stairs it will be mounted on.

This can involve some extra cost and time - in measuring and making-up the stair lift rail and then again at the installation stage in fitting the stair lift.

For these reasons, it is less likely that you can purchase a used or refurbished stair lift suitable for a spiral staircase.

That's because unless it was mounted to an identical set of stairs you will need to have a custom-made item.

Manufacturers can supply stair lifts with both inside and outside turns - so that stair lifts can cope with any changes in direction, such as between landings, involved in climbing spiral stairs.