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A number of businesses exist to supply people in Georgia with stair lifts.

Mobility Center of Georgia offers a range of mobility aids such as stair lifts, ramps and patient lifts. Customers can choose from stair lifts made by manufacturers such as Acorn and Bruno. Stair lifts can be supplied to people across the state of Georgia. Mobile lift systems include examples supplied by Liko.

Blue Moose Elevators sells and installs stair lifts from bases in Atlanta and Ellijay, Georgia. The firm has stair lifts for both curved and straight stairs and offers examples from a wide range of manufacturers such as Sterling, Summit and Acorn. Customers are served in an area that ranges from Atlanta to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Buyers looking to save money can enquire about used stair lifts as Blue Moose often has a number of examples in stock. Also supplied are in-home elevators, vertical lifts and dumbwaiters.

American Elevator supplies stair lifts, residential and commercial elevators, dumbwaiters and platform lifts to customers across the southeastern states of America - including Georgia. Stair lifts are supplied from the ranges of a number of leading manufacturers such as Stannah, Sterling, Harmar, Savaria and Bruno. They can be fitted according to required customer specifications. Residential elevators are available in a variety of specifications and finishes that can match the look of the client's existing home.


Mobility Center of Georgia -

Blue Moose Elevators. Location - Atlanta, GA.

American Elevator. Location - Suwanee, GA.