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Stair lift grants

Many people require financial help to help them install a stair lift or other mobility aids.

Governments and councils often give stair lift grants because it saves them the cost of rehousing people. Put simply, it is more cost effective for them to help people to stay in their own homes.

Stair lift grants differ from region to region and country to country but there is information about how many authorities operate them if you search on the internet.

A grant called the Disabled Facilities Grant is available to people in parts of the UK to adapt their homes so they can carry on living there.

Examples of work that can be carried out with the assistance of such a grant include: installation of stair lifts, adding a downstairs bathroom, adapting heating and lighting controls, widening doors and installing ramps.

Depending on the condition and circumstances of the person making the application, some grants for stair lifts are subject to means testing or other checks and restrictions.

Usually there is a maximum grant amount that can be made to people looking for help with the cost of a stair lift or other mobility aid.