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Residents of Idaho looking for a stair lift provider can select from suppliers that offer sales and installation to both Idaho and neighboring states.

DiGregorio Stair Lifts is based in Portland, OR, and offers stair lift sales and installation to an area that includes Idaho, Washington and Oregon. The company has a well established process for assessing homeowners' requirements and then installing stair lifts. The installation procedure takes between two to four hours on average. Stair lifts are provided with a slim profile, to ensure that when not in use they take up as little space as possible.

Access Vans of Boise specialises in the supply of accessibility and mobility solutions for transportation. The business also offers stair lifts to people from its headquarters in Boise, Idaho. Models are offered from the Bruno Electra-Ride range of stair lifts. Features include battery power back-up during power cuts, folding arms, covered track and smooth ride quality. Stair lifts can be fitted to indoor and outdoor stairs. And stair lifts for curved stairs can be installed. The company also has a wide range of vehicle products such as accessible vans, scooter lifts and driving hand controls.


DiGregoria Stair Lifts.

Access Vans of Boise. Location - Boise, ID.