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Searching for a stair lift in Indiana? There are suppliers who can help install and maintain your stair lift.

Custom Home Elevator & Lift Co. serves an area that covers Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio from its base in Mainevillie, Ohio. The firm offers a number of domestic mobility products that include stair lifts, elevators and platform lifts. Customers can get hold of a stair lift though a number of different purchase options. These include new and reconditioned stair lifts for sale. Or people can rent a stair lift. And the business offers buy-back deals. Of the other products available, vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts are supplied according to the needs of customers.

Access Elevator provides a range of lifts - including stair lifts - from its HQ in Indianapolis, IN. Stair lifts are stocked from the Bruno range and can be installed on curved or straight stairs. Also on offer are dumbwaiters that can help people move heavy items from floor to floor without the need to carry them upstairs. Elevators, vertical lifts and platform lifts are also supplied. And a range of ramps - including modular, straight and portable items - can be selected from.


Custom Home Elevator. Location: Maineville, OH.

Access Elevator. Location - Indianapolis, IN.