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Stair lift insurance

If you have a stair lift in your home then it's worth considering specific stair lift insurance.

Stair lifts are an expensive investment and can be costly to repair if they break down or are damaged.

For stair lift owners, a special stairlift insurance policy can provide peace of mind against mishaps.

Policies exist that protect all the mobility aids in a person's house - so a stair lift insurance policy may well offer protection for all these items such as beds, risers, hoists and bath lifts.

You can purchase cover for breakdown, accidental damage and protection against fire, theft and vandalism.

You should ensure that you understand the terms of any policy before making a commitment to go ahead.

Some insurance companies offer policies that cover other mobility items such as mobility scooters. Such cover can include protection against theft, accidental damage and also public liability in the rare case that you bump into something or someone while using the scooter.

It can also be a good idea to contact your existing household insurance provider. They will be able to tell you whether you are covered for any accidental damage to the stair lift, or if they offer any other appropriate insurance cover.