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Iowa stair lifts can be sourced from a number of different places.

Kester Stair Lift offers stair lifts in Iowa from the Bruno range. The firm can supply them for indoor or outdoor stairs. Choices include swivel seats and a range of upholstery for stair lift seats. The company offers curved and straight stair lifts. These include stairlifts with inside turns which allow users to position the stair lift on either side of the foot of the stairs. The company is located in Waterloo, IA.

Home Town Mobility is a specialist business offering mobility scooters, wheelchairs and a range of other mobility products. Also supplied are stair lifts, from the firm's HQ in Hartley, IA. Stair lifts can be installed in homes, churches and business premises - and are supplied from the Bruno range of lifts. The company can also supply products to Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota. The firm sells vertical lifts and platform lifts, in addition to stair lifts.

Premier Lift Products is a Minnesota based company that serves northern Iowa. It can install a number of different types of lift, including stair lifts. The firm can supply stair lifts for curved or straight stairs and stairs with landings. Features include a choice of upholstery, power swivel seats and stair lifts with a weight capacity of between 275 and 500 lbs.


Kester Stair Lift. Location: Waterloo, IA.

Home Town Mobility. Location - Hartley, IA.

Premier Lift Products. Location: Owatonna, Minnesota.