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Do you need a loan to help pay for a stair lift?

The cost of a stair lift can be a big one-off bill. For people with limited incomes and savings this can present a huge hurdle to overcome.

A stair lift loan may be one way of addressing the issue - but you need to inform yourself of the choices and consequences of entering in to any loan agreement.

If you are fortunate, you may be able to get some sort of grant or funding to help pay for your stair lift.

As of 2009, people in the UK could apply for a Disability Facilities Grant to pay for stair lifts and other essential living aids. Grants had to be assessed and awarded before any work began and were awarded via local councils. To find out the current situation you can contact your local authority - the correct numbers will be in your phone book or on the local authority website.

A direct loan - or finance agreement from your stair lift provider - may be another option.

However, as with any loan, you need to be aware of the payment liability and work out if you can afford to meet the repayments.

Even if you don't require the stair lift after a certain period, you will still be responsible for the amount of money you borrow.

Some organisations and charities will offer grants or loans to help with the cost of a stair lift. They may require part or all of the amount given to be repaid.

In the UK it may be possible for homeowners or tenants of a private landlord to get a loan to pay for a stair lift through a local Home Improvement Agency. Such agencies can advise on how to install and pay for devices and if any benefits are available.