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Stair lift lock

A stair lift may require a lock.

Fitting of a lock is appropriate when a stair lift needs to be protected from inappropriate or unwanted use.

If a stair lift is in a residential home where children may have access to it, the addition of a lock can prevent youngsters playing on the device.

Equally, many stair lifts are in public places such as restaurants, hotels, churches and village halls.

Here, the organisation responsible for the stair lift will be keen to restrict its use to people who require it for legitimate needs.

In such cases, the stair lift installer can supply the device with a key-operated lock.

Outdoor stair lifts are often fitted with such locks.

A stair lift that is situated on steps outside a home or other property is more vulnerable to unauthorised use so a lock here can give the owner peace of mind.

The lock can be used to lock the stair lift in an on or off position.