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Stair lift manual

Before you use a stair lift you should familiarise yourself with the manual.

A stair lift manual will describe the operation of the stair lift, its features and any precautions required.

Any new stair lift should come with a manual provided.

Manuals are also sometimes available online, where they are posted by manufacturers as a reference.

Separate stair lift manuals exist for installation and maintenance professionals to refer to.

Your stair lift user manual will take you through the steps required to operate it.

It should outline the stair lift features, describe safety information and take you through the steps required to use the stair lift.

Your stair lift manual will describe the operating switches and emergency hand winding instructions as well as how to remove trapped items.

And it will have details of safety issues and precautions needed to be taken as well as care and cleaning required for the stair lift.

You may also find details of the stair lift wiring layout.