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Michigan residents have a number of companies that supply and install stair lifts in their area.

Lifelong Mobility has a range of home mobility products in its portfolio. Stair lifts are supplied from manufacturers such as Sterling, Bruno and Harmar. Customers can choose from a range of stair lifts for both straight and curved stairs. Also provided are platform lifts, ramps and scooters. The company is based in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Adaptive Environments serves Michigan with a range of products that includes stair lifts, platform lifts, residential elevators and ceiling lifts. Stair lifts can be installed on curved or straight stairs. The company can fit stair lifts indoors or for outdoor stairs. Wheelchair users can commission Adaptive Environments to install a platform lift - and these are also available for indoor or outdoor situations.

Allied Elevator can supply stair lifts for use in homes and businesses in and around Detroit. Stair lifts are supplied from manufacturers such as Bruno and Acorn. They can be fitted according to buyer requirements - such as for curved or straight stairs, or on either side of the stairway. The company also offers elevators for residential use. These can be fitted with winding drum or hydraulic lifting mechanisms. Platform lifts are also sold.


Lifelong Mobility. Location: Royal Oak, MI.

Adaptive Environments. Location: Sterling Hts, MI.

Allied Elevator. Location: St Clare Shores, MI.