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Minnesota stair lift suppliers offer a range of stair lifts for different types of use.

TwinCity Stairlifts supplies a variety of different stair lifts from a range of manufacturers. These include stair lifts from the models made by companies such as Bruno, Acorn and Pinnacle. These include a wide variety of different features, such as alternative weight capacities, lifts for different situations and curved or straight stairs. Stair lifts can be supplied for outdoor locations, where they are fitted with outdoor-rated wiring and electrical connections. TwinCity Stairlifts is located in Burnsville, MN.

Arrow Lift is a specialist mobility lift and elevator company which offers a number of different products for residential and commerical premises. For homes the company supplies a range of stair lifts. These can be fitted to straight or curved stairs and stairs with landings in between them. The company has a number of showrooms, including in Blaine and Duluth, MN. Also offered are elevators, dumbwaiters and platform lifts.

Ability Solutions includes stair lifts among its selection of home mobility aids. Elevators, wheelchair lifts and ramps are among the other items available. Elevators can be supplied to fit in homes with limited spaces. Platform lifts can be fitted to help wheelchair users move between floors. The business is located in Burnsville, MN.


TwinCity Stairlifts. Location: Burnsville, MN.

Arrow Lift. Location: Blaine and Duluth, MN.

Ability Solutions: Location: Burnsville, MN