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People looking for a stair lift in Missouri can contact a number of suppliers serving the area.

Country Home Elevator supplies stair lifts and other home mobility products to an area that covers Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The stair lifts that the company supplies can be installed on curved or straight stairs. Models are fitted from manufacturers that include Acorn, Bruno and Stannah. Stair lifts can be fitted with a capacity to carry different weights. Options include large footrests and large seats.

Merrett Stairlifts is based in Kirkwood, MO, and serves St Louis and surrounding areas. Stair lifts are provided from the ranges of manufacturers such as Harmar, Sterling and Acorn. Stairlifts are provided with manufacturer warranties and can also be sold with a post-sale service package. People who need a stair lift for a short period can take advantage of rental options.

Custom Home Elevators is located in St Louis, Missouri, and provides a range of stair lifts, dumbwaiters and portable lifts. Stair lifts are sold from a range manufactured by Bruno and Access. The company offers a service area that covers eastern Missouri and southern Illinois. Also on sale are residential elevators - for installation into existing homes or as part of new home builds. The company can provide regular service checks.  


Country Home Elevator. Location: Brighton, MO.

Merrett Stairlifts. Location: Kirkwood, MO.

Custom Home Elevators. Location: St Louis, MO.