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Nevada is served by a number of stair lifts suppliers.

Acme Home Elevator provides stair lifts, custom home elevators and access lifts to an area that includes northern Nevada and areas in California. Stair lifts are supplied from the range made by Stannah. The company can supply lifts for straight, curved and outdoor stairlifts. Other products offered include hillside lifts and platform lifts. Two types of hillside lift are sold - cable lifts and track lifts.

Better Life Mobility Center supplies stair lifts to locations that include Las Vegas and San Diego from its La Mesa HQ. The company provides stair lifts from the Bruno range, with models available for curved and straight stairs and indoor or outdoor locations. A range of other mobility lifts are also sold - such as wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts, wheelchairs and scooters.

Ability Center is a specialist mobility aid business that sells stair lifts and other mobility products from a number of locations - including Las Vegas, Nevada. Stair lifts can be ordered from the Bruno range of devices. Features include adjustable footrests and smooth ride quality. Ability Center also specialises in accessible vehicles, mobility scooters and driving aids.


Acme Home Elevator. Location: Benecia, CA.

Better Life Mobility Center. Location: La Mesa, CA.

Abiity Center. Location: Las Vegas, Nevada.