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Ohio contains a range of companies that can help provide stairlifts.

Cleveland Stairlifts provides a range of stair lift options to customers in and around the Clevaland, Ohio, area. These include stair lifts for indoor and outdoor locations. Stair lifts can be provided with a 180 degree wrap position at the foot of the stairs, which allows easier access for able-bodied people to climb a set of stairs without the stair lift becoming an obstacle.

Northcoast Mobility provides stair lifts and a range of other mobility products to the Northcoast area. Stair lifts are offered from among the Acorn range of products. Features include joystick operation, fold up seats and option of installation to indoor or outdoor stairs. The company offers a service to re-install stair lifts to owners' new homes if they need to move house.

Custom Home Elevator and Lift Co includes stair lifts among a selection of home lift products such as elevators, wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters. Stair lifts can be fitted to straight or curved stairs. And they are also available for outdoor installation. They can be fitted to accept weights of up to 400 lbs. Dumbwaiters can be installed to both residential or commercial premises and offer a means to move bulky items between floors without the need for someone to carry them.


Cleveland Stairlifts.

Northcoast Mobility. Location: Oberlin, OH.

Custom Home Elevator and Lift Co. Location: Maineville, OH.