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Looking for a stair lift to buy in Oregon? You can take a look online or there are local suppliers that can sell and install stair lifts for your home or business.

All In One Mobility carries a wide range of mobility and accessiblity products in its inventory. These include stair lifts from the Bruno range and these can be fitted to curved or straight stairs in both indoor or outdoor locations. People who weigh up to 400 lbs can be carried. The company also supplies platform lifts, home elevators and inclined wheelchair lifts. Other products supplied include scooters, vehicle seating and lifts. The firm is based in Portland, Oregon, and covers an area that includes Oregon and Washington.

Access Conversions supplies stair lifts and ramps to homes and businesses in Oregon and northern California. Stair lifts can be fitted to indoor curved and straight stairways. A range of ramps includes van, utility and threshold ramps. The company also sells elevators and dumbwaiters in a variety of specifications. People can also employ the firm to carry out vehicle modifications - such as hand controls, wheelchair lifts and scooter lifts. Location is Klamath Falls, OR.


All In One Mobility. Location: Portland, OR.

Access Conversions. Location: Klamath Falls, OR.