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Pennsylvania is served by a selection of stair lift specialists.

Pennsylvania Stairlifts specialises in the supply and installation of stair lifts to the Metropolitan Philadelphia area, parts of New Jersey and Delaware. Customers can choose from a selection of new and used stair lifts. And the company also offers stair lift rental options. A variety of features can be selected - such as seated or perch stair lifts and folding tracks. Stair lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors as required. Stair lifts are offered from the range supplied by MediTek.

Tri-State Stairlifts is a company that supplies stair lifts to the Philadelphia Metro area from its HQ in Huntington Valley, PA. The company offers products from the stair lift range manufactured by Acorn. Stair lifts can be fitted inside homes or in outdoor locations. In cases where stairs are particularly narrow, a perch stair lift can be installed. Devices can be fitted to straight or curved stairs. Pre-owned stair lifts are also available for purchase.


Pennsylvania Stairlifts. Location: Fountainville, PA.

Tri-State Stairlifts. Location: Huntington Valley, PA.