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Stair lift prices

One of the most important questions to anyone looking for a stair lift is: how much will it cost?

The price of any stair lift will depend on a number of factors.

A significant impact on the cost can be if you need your stair lift to be curved. The price of a curved stairlift is more than a straight stair lift.

The stair lift model chosen, the manufacturer and the cost of installation will all affect the price of your stair lift.

Some stair lifts are sold online and by other dealers for self-installation. Before ordering such an item you need to consider if you are able to install it yourself or if someone else is capable of doing so.

The person fitting the stair lift may well need to have a number of skills and you might end up paying out more money to have it installed than the initial cost of purchase.

Many manufacturers and suppliers include installation in the price of their stair lifts.

When ordering any stairlift you should be clear in your own mind exactly what level of service and installation you are paying for.

Comparing the cost of stairlifts between suppliers will help you reach a decision.