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Getting a price for a stair lift can involve a number of factors. The length and design of your stairs may affect your stair lift quote.

Some companies will offer a standard introduction price for a stair lift. These are often used to headline advertisements.

But the real cost could be different for your own home.

Your stair lift quote will depend on the machine you choose, its features - and the size and shape of your stairs.

Curved stairs almost always require a custom-made stair rail for the stair lift and this will involve a significantly higher cost than a stair lift for straight stairs.

Stair lift installation companies will usually factor-in the cost of the actual stair lift alongside the amount of labour involved in fitting the item.

This could be affected by the material stairs are made from - as fixing stair lift rails to wooden stairs is a more straightforward matter than attaching them to stone or concrete stairs.

It's worth evaluating all the costs - does your stair lift quote include all labour, materials and taxes? Are the features of the stair lift the same between each company? Does the price include the same level of warranty and service cover?