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Stair lift remote control

A wireless remote control device is used with some stair lifts.

It works much the same way a television remote control does.

The user can point the handset at the stair lift and use it to summon it to the top or bottom of the flight of stairs.

Then the stair lift can be used to carry the user up or down the stairs.

The remote works using infra-red signals to the stair lift.

Householders can also choose to use the remote control to park the stair lift seat at the other end of the stairs - for example, if more space is required at one end, or if it is just more convenient for the stair lift to be out of sight.

A remote control for the stair lift can be handy if more than one person needs to use the machine. The stair lift can be sent back down the rail with ease in time for it to be used again.

Remote control handsets can be tailiored to the required use of the stair lift owner - or if more than one stair lift is close to another in the same property.

And remote controls can be used by someone to direct the stair lift if the person riding on the device is unable to use the stair lift controls buttons or joystick.