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Stair lift rental

Renting a stair lift can be an alternative to purchasing one.

Choosing to hire a stair lift can allow people to budget according to their needs.

Companies that offer stair lifts for rent often include breakdown, service and maintenance cover as part of the cost.

And some firms will allow you the option of purchasing your stair lift if you want, once it has been installed.

Terms differ from company to company but there is usually a monthly stair lift rental fee and sometimes a larger initial payment required.

Need a stair lift for just a short period? Perhaps you want a stair lift to help a visitor with impaired mobility.

Some companies will offer stair lift hire for as little as a few days in some instances.

It is important to make sure that your rental package covers all servicing and breakdown costs.

Make sure that you are aware of all the costs involved. Will there be a minimum sign-up period? Or will your supplier remove the stair lift free of charge when you want the rental period to end?

Does your supplier promise to attend quickly if your stair lift breaks down?