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Buying a stair lift is a big purchase - so considering other people's opinions can be one way of informing yourself of the options.

Stairlift reviews come in various forms. It's worth looking at different examples to see if you can find views that you trust.

Some manufacturers and installation companies post reviews or ratings from their existing customers. Others may allow you to speak directly to people who have had a stair lift installed in their home.

There are also some online review websites that post either user-written reviews - or reviews posted by the person who runs the website.

In the latter case it could be that the website receives commissions for leads or sales of stair lifts so that is something to consider when giving weight to the quality of the review.

You may be able to speak to a mobility or age related charity - often these organisations have been involved in advising people about accessibility products.

Equally, some of these organisations do also sell or promote stair lift sales themselves - so its worth being aware of this.

It's important to have a stair lift that meets your own individual requirements so the more informed you are of its features, ease of use and other factors such as cost and maintenance issues - the better.