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Stair lift Rhode Island

Searching for a stair lift in Rhode Island? You can browse online or there are local suppliers who offer stair lifts in the area.

Hudson Accessibility Solutions offers stair lifts among its range of moblity and accessibility products. The firm supplies an area that includes Rhode Island among other locations such as Connecticut and southern New Hampshire. Stair lifts can be supplied for straight stairways or the business can fit custom rail stair lifts - which will allow passengers to travel up and around stairs with corners or landings. Stair lifts can be fitted to stairs indoors or outdoors. As well as new stair lifts, the firm offers refurbished units. Customers can also rent a stair lift. Freight or cargo stair lifts can be fitted to carry heavy or bulky items up stairs.

Living Free Home supplies stair lifts to customers in an area that includes Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Stair lifts are offered in a variety of specifications. These include economy, standard and premium installations. The firm can install stair lifts to straight or curved stairs. And stair lifts can be supplied for outdoor installations. Also sold are vertical platform lifts.


Hudson Accessibility Solutions. Location: Pomfret Center, Connecticut.

Living Free Home. Location: Rockland, MA.