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There are a variety of ways to shop for a stair lift. Stair lift shops exist in a number of different forms.

Online stair lift shops often supply stair lifts direct to customers. They sometimes sell stair lifts for DIY installation. Other online stairlift shops can provide a professional stair lift installation expert to fit the device in to your home.

Stair lift manufacturers sometimes sell direct to customers. Many have websites where you can browse and shop for the stair lift you want for your home. Some manufacturers will have agents in particular cities and regions who will sell the lift to you and who can also be called on to fit the item.

Independent stair lift retailers exist in many towns and cities. These companies sometimes carry stair lifts from a number of different manufacturers. Some of these businesses will have their own stores that you can visit and examine different types of stair lift. Others will make an appointment to see you in your own home, where they can take measurements and provide a quote for the cost of a stair lift.

General mobility aid stores often carry stair lifts as part of their range of devices that can include bath lifts, lift chairs, scooters and a wide selection of accessibility aids. Again, these shops have showrooms in many localities.