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Texas stair lift suppliers offer a wide range of products from a number of manufacturers.

Allstar Stairlifts is based in Austin, TX, and supplies stair lifts from the range manufactured by Acorn. This includes models suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Devices can be operated with joystick control if required. Warranties are offered on parts and labour. Outdoor stair lifts can be fitted to areas such as garden steps, porches, garages and basements.

Baxter Residential Elevators offers a range of accessibility lift products such as stair lifts, elevators and vertical platform elevators. The company can also sell and install dumbwaiters. Stair lifts can be fitted to straight or curved stairs and run on battery power so that they are still operational in the event of a power cut. The company is located in Allen, TX. Residential elevators are offered in a variety of finishes and configurations to suit customers' homes.

Stairlift Store serves a region that includes Galveston, Houston and surrounding areas. The business offers stair lifts for indoor and outdoor locations and they can be fitted to curved or straight stairs. Stair lifts can be supplied that will carry people who weigh as much as 500 lbs. The company's range of products also includes dumbwaiters, residential elevators and porch lifts. The firm is located in Houston, TX.


Allstar Stairlifts. Location: Austin, TX.

Baxter Residential Elevators. Location: Allen, TX.

Stairlift Store. Location: Houston, TX.